“Last days of Eelam Genocide “article with witness interviews removed by Sri Lankan authorities from Tamil magazine.

“Last days of Eelam Genocide “article with witness interviews removed by Sri Lankan authorities from Tamil magazine. The famous article which provides the experience of people who escaped the last days of Tamil genocide is been removed from a South Indian weekly magazine “Ananda Vikatan” by Sri Lankan authorities before going on sale. The article … Continue reading

India to support war crimes resolution against Sri Lanka

http://www.smh.com.au/world/india-to-support-war-crimes-resolution-against-sri-lanka-20120320-1vgb4.html India plans to vote in favour of a US-backed resolution asking Sri Lanka to investigate if the country’s armed forces committed crimes during its 26-year civil war, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told lawmakers yesterday. “We hope that the government of Sri Lanka recognises the critical importance of this issue and acts decisively” Mr Singh … Continue reading

PM Manmohan Singh should take stand on Sri Lanka war crimes: Opposition

http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics/nation/pm-manmohan-singh-should-take-stand-on-sri-lanka-war-crimes-opposition/articleshow/12342258.cms NEW DELHI: Even as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh assured support to the US resolution against Sri Lanka, some opposition parties Tuesday asked him to take a stand on the “war crimes” committed against Tamils in the island nation. The prime minister, in his reply to the debate on the president’s address to parliament, reiterated … Continue reading

New Sri Lankan war crime victim identified

Latest pictures of Sri Lankan war crimes have been released on internet by activists have been identified by for Tamil rebel members as “Akalvizhi “ a famous female journalist who worked very hard to bring the pictures and videos of final assault in 2009. She surrendered to Sri Lanka military’s 59th division in front of … Continue reading

New War crimes Pictures emerge!

Last days of Sri Lankan genocide of Tamils , Sri Lankan military became bunch of animals and staged an ugliest crime against humanity. The president Mahinda and his brother defence Secretary Gottabaya have instructed the military to show all their cruelity on the female Tamil Tiger cadres and Tamil girls. Military staged the horror which … Continue reading

Global Tamil Forum on the 19th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council

Issued for immediate release   PRESS STATEMENT 03 March 2012 Global Tamil Forum on the 19th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council A true international effort, with the backing of key regional Governments, will bring real accountability for war crimes and reconciliation between communities in the island of Sri Lanka. The United Nations … Continue reading

Revisiting Sri Lanka’s Bloody War – NY times

Revisiting Sri Lanka’s Bloody War By MARZUKI DARUSMAN, STEVEN RATNER and YASMIN SOOKA http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/03/opinion/revisiting-sri-lankas-bloody-war.html?_r=2&src=tp&smid=fb-share Even as attention is riveted on the bloodshed in Syria, another conflict, far more deadly, is belatedly attracting the notice it deserves. Related in News Times Topics: Sri Lanka | Tamil Tigers Related in Opinion Op-Ed Contributor: Sri Lanka’s Ghosts of … Continue reading

World divided over US resolution targeting SL

World divided over US resolution targeting SL March 3, 2012, 7:26 pm By Shamindra Ferdinando The proposed US resolution targeting the Sri Lankan government over accountability issues has sharply divided the global community with the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) and the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) voicing opposition to UN intervention. They backed Sri Lanka’s … Continue reading

Human Rights for Tamils