New Sri Lankan war crime victim identified

Latest pictures of Sri Lankan war crimes have been released on
internet by activists have been identified by for Tamil rebel members
as “Akalvizhi “ a famous female journalist who worked very hard to
bring the pictures and videos of final assault in 2009. She
surrendered to Sri Lanka military’s 59th division in front of  Brigade
commander  Brigadier Chagie Gallage on May 18th in the evening. Many
other local Tamils have witnessed it as she was well known journalist
worked for “Nitharsanam” a rebel media team.

Sri Lankan soldier abuses the Akalvizhi’s after death

The pictures emerge have identifies she was stripped and sexually
assaulted by front line military men as permitted and instructed by
Commander under the high level order given by Gootabaya Rajapakse ,
brother of president Mahinda Rajapakse who allegedly given a famous
order “ Do what ever you wish but ensure they will never forget it and
never will think about rising up again”. Akalvizhi is been sexually
assaulted by many military men until fainting then shot. Some of the
military men have taken it further by abusing the half alive stripped
body with abusing the breast with their feet and pierced the breast
with thorny shrubs branches.  The horrible war crimes of Sri Lankan
military were allowed by ruling regime as a part of ‘celebration’ and
thanking the front line military soldiers.

Chgie Galage

War ciminal Chagie Galage: Brirgade commander

The case is believed to be one in thousands where in few cases
military men have taken the pictures for their own memories. Under the
order the senior military commanders have been promised of diplomatic
roles in foreign missions to give them a diplomatic immunity to travel
around the world.  The promise and attraction towards foreign high
life , military commanders have allowed front line soldiers , who have
been serving in the war for three or more years , to cater their
sexual aggressions on all Tamil Tiger female cadres.
The pictures have been released by military men in exchange of money
by Tamil Diaspora in order to bring the war crimes to the eyes of
world. The pictures have shown the cruelty of military men and ruling
war criminal regime , which is a result of racial aggression over
Tamil minority.

Shavendra De Silva

War Criminal Shavendra De Silva -Sri Lankan envoy for UN
Tamil Diaspora has vowed to bring war criminals to international
justice and they have formed many organisations including an world
wide elected body called Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam
(TGTE) and world wide activist group ‘Global Tamil Forum”  to continue
their fight for justice.

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  1. sasi says:

    They are our sister we take immedatly action kill the all that dogs

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