“Last days of Eelam Genocide “article with witness interviews removed by Sri Lankan authorities from Tamil magazine.

“Last days of Eelam Genocide “article with witness interviews removed by Sri Lankan authorities from Tamil magazine.

The famous article which provides the experience of people who escaped the last days of Tamil genocide is been removed from a South Indian weekly magazine “Ananda Vikatan” by Sri Lankan authorities before going on sale. The article named as “Last days of Eelam genocide “ is based on interview from Suren Karthigesu , a Tamil journalist, who interviewed the injured people during the final assault on Tamils during 2009. The magazine contained six pages of interview which shares the experience of a brave journalist who reported from Sri Lanka’s notorious safe zones.
The interview was available through net but the pages were torn from the magazine before being displayed in Sri Lankan book shops. In the past Sri Lankan authorities have taken similar actions to hide the truth spreading to people , which included banning of ‘The economist’ magazine once. Tamil Magazines have been subjected to prior approval from small team set up by alleged war criminal cum defence secretary Gottabaya Rajapkse , brothe of president.

In the past such materials were banned by the name of “threat to National security “under the “Terrorism Prevention Law” and government convinced the world saying they are promoting Tamils rebels , Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam or ‘Tamil Tigers’ . Always such actions have been criticised by international human rights organisations and journalist as threat against freedom of expression and free journalism. Currently Sri Lankan authorities have no cover ups as Tamil Rebels have been crushed in 2009.

Even though Sri Lanka could prevent local Tamils from reading such articles world wide spread Tamil Diaspora claims Sri Lankan ban will not affect them at all. Some Tamil activists abroad have established a secret links with local organisations and through this channel local Tamils have been made aware of the United Nation’s move on Sri Lanka to investigate the war crimes which believed to be committed by under direct order from Rajapakse brothers who are ruling the country over nearly a decade.


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