Ban Ki-moon to Sushma Swaraj : Sri Lankan safari to see Tamil land

Ban Ki-moon to Sushma Swaraj : Sri Lankan safari to see Tamil land

Last week , the once again Sri Lanka is top news in Indian media, after it agreed to allow Indian parliamentary delegation , to find the facts about Tamil homeland. The mission of the Indian team is to find the truth and feelings of Tamils, which is well felt in countries as far as Canada, but not in neighbouring India. The journey was well orchestrated to play the well known Sri Lankan tune , “Tamils are happy here “. The pre-planned journey was badly defeated when South Indian Tamil state Chief Minister Jeyalalitha pulled out her members , continued by her opponent Karunanidhi’s party as well. Sadly north Indian parties who have very less interest and links with Tamils continued the plan while the national parties Indra Congress or BJP never had a support in South in the history.

The journey to Sri Lanka always been same , which one might expect in a military ruled Tamil Lands. The procedure is simple , Sri Lankan government will only allow the delegates who are supportive to them , the delegation will be escorted by uniformed and non-uniformed military personnel , the Tamils who they will meet will be pre-selected and told what to tell and what not to , in addition the Tamil Paramilitary groups and supporters will be in the front rows. Finally even if somebody wants to talk freely, there will not be any brave Tamils to come forward as they know if they spark what will happen to them later. So in a land which is guarded by military , civil dressed intelligence officers and Para-military including those who deflected from Tamil Tigers , it is obvious that people will be expected to play the orchestrated song to foreign delegates.

Even though it is been repeatedly explained by Tamil Diaspora organisations , and Tamil Diaspora called upon all the delegates to understand the virtual blockade to push Sri Lanka to allow freedom of expression , it is a blow in the deaf ear. In 2009 , after defeat of Tamil Tigers , Ban Ki-moon was taken on same safari where some amazing Tamils welcomed him with flower in barbed wire camps. At the point Mr.Moon should have asked himself the question that will anybody be happy in concentration camps where nobody knew about the future. Later another Indian delegates went in and due to fear , even the Indian Tamil MPs were silent while president Rajapakse laughed at them about their ‘killed’ Tamil Tiger leaders. There are many visits by many countries taken on these safari where local Tamils are treated like herd , where all the foreign teams never could see the truth , rather a pre-planned drama.

In this safari . some of Sri Lankan supporters from Britain , like Lord Nesaby , were given enough ‘fun’ in the island as expected to tell the world that “Tamils are happy” which he has repeatedly claimed. Lord Nesaby was openly supportive of war criminal regime of Sri Lanka for long time , and real motive for the support is still in huge question. Britain had a long history of good leaders and politicians , who stood for justice in the other countries which include current Prime Minister David Cameron’s stand on Falkland’s self-determination rights. At this line of leaders , Lord Nesaby could be failing , as his stand to support war crimes and show deaf on calls by International Human Right organisations on Sri Lankan Tamils. Lord Nesaby’s effort to hide the crimes on Tamil for his Singhalese friends will not be taken serious by anybody but will only left a little stain on British political history.

At present ,the reports from Sri Lanka sates that the Indian delegates were given another safari on military helicopters , met Para military Tamil leaders , and in their visits to see ordinary public, military in civil hugely present. Also by the name of media , intelligence officers recorded everything , thus most of Tamils except those supporters of Para-military opt out to see the Indian delegates.Sri Lanka would have staged another proper play again , but this time the Indian delegates knew how it will be as their Tamil members dropped the visits since there is no independency and they are not ready to alleged war criminal regime.

The question of not allowing free access to International media in Tamil homeland is crucial as Sri Lanka knows that journalists will find the truth if they are allowed. The journalists who agree to the terms and conditions of safari ride were allowed by some of the managed to break in to interview few Tamils in hidden places.

After defeat of Tamil Tigers, Tamil in local have only one way to express, which is by voting and electing the Tamil nationalist parties , which they have shown huge support over the history. In coming years , world will see , once again the Tamil National Alliance or TNA will be getting most support from Tamils , who were suppressed by deflected Tamil Tiger leaders in East and defelcted Tamil militant group s in North. TNA believed the need to fight for the self determination rights through democratic means , who lost their campaign in 70s due to rise of support for arms struggle. After arms struggle of 37 years , Tamils feel the lost is huge and now begin to realise the need to support democratic fight. The Tamil Diaspora even begin to promote democratic organisations such as Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam , which is formed to establish the mechanism for free country.

With the realisation of the true situation of local Tamils , safari rides on Tamil lands never will bring the truth rather world should look into talking to democratically elected representatives of Tamils in Sri Lanka and Diaspora. Withdrawal of military from Tamil homeland , establishing the civil administration without involving military personnel and free referendum to all who are living in Tamil Homeland and who fled the war , will bring the permanent solution. Until then free safari will continue and Tamil herd will show the same feeling which could be used as Sri Lanka for their propaganda.

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  1. Bavani says:

    Well written. It has been tweeted.

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