Sri Lankan Monkey shares cake to Palastein and Israel cats: Winning formula.

Sri Lankan Monkey shares cake to Palastein and Israel cats: Winning formula.

Recent visit of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, was once again proved the self oriented world politics of every nation who have miserably failed themselves and caused failure in other nations who share the same problem. Chairman of Palestine Liberation Organisation , who had a historical support to Tamil rebels , even given military training for them in 80s, is now shaking hands with those who are in charge of massive massacre of same Tamils, is a shame to his organisation. Failure of following consistent policy of P.L.O, will definitely be a collateral failure for both Palestinians and Tamils.
Understanding the need to show solidarity with NAM countries , and Arab countries to handle war crime charges , Sri Lankan war criminal regime has given warm welcome to Palestine president . The support of Arab countries in UNHRC voting on US bill , was very helpful for Sri Lanka who have successfully once again covered the massive massacre of 40,000 Tamils during 2009. So it was important to keep links with Palestine and show a fake solidarity with Arabs for own survival. Surprisingly, Palestine President could not even cared for the rights of Tamils to live in their homeland with dignity , which his people are experiencing as well. After long war between Israel Palestine, the bitter experience should bring those leaders to understand the nature of Tamils and Sri Lanka.
The fake face of Sri Lanka , quickly exposed , as Sri Lanka and Israel began consultation on bilateral trading immediately after departure of Palestine leader. It is crucial for Sri Lanka , to keep them linked with Israel through back door in order to for survival and economy. Jews , who have been known for their determination have been compared to Sri Lankan Tamils in may ways , also have failed to deny the war criminal regime. Israel was hurrying to ensure that Sri Lanka is kept under touch to keep up the pressure against Palestines. Racing for the support was important for Israel like their opponents.
At last Sri Lankan monkey has once again shown that it can successfully balance the two frustrated cats Jews and Palestinians , who are keen on their share of Sri Lankan support. Balancing the game by using different face masks to deal with two cats at the same time, Sri Lankan Muslims have contributed to war criminal regime in many ways. It is surprise for most , as how Sri Lanka could manage to keep the balance by showing fake faces , and how can it fool both the countries at the same time , but for Sri Lanka is it a walk on the rope. Since oppressed Tamil nation never had a clear support from any countries including 6 millions Tamils living India, it is easy for Sri Lanka to carry out such games without any pressure in the world politics.
Tamil Tigers who were military strong and widely supported by Tamils around the globe has been a big challenge to Sri Lanka but the organisation has been a not seen as a rebels by world nations was a crucial gain for Sri Lanka to suppress the whole Tamil nation by the name of war on terror. After defeat of Tamil Tigers in 2009 , Tamils have realised the huge political vacuum and loss of military strength which has pushed their dream freedom further away. To recover the journey to freedom , Tamils now only hope on reformed TNA , one and only political party and they once again wait for the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu to continue their political fight to support freedom. World wide living Diaspora Tamil organisations who have been branded as supporting Tamil Tigers , have now began on operate openly in democratic ways after 2009 , has become a biggest challenge to Sri Lanka . With defeat of Tamil Tigers , Sri Lanka has to now face the Tamil Diaspora directly with the lost propaganda of naming them as Tamil Tiger proxy organisations. Still Diaspora Tamil politics has not reached the state of large democratic movement which has given Sri Lanka an opportunity to keep on ruling the Tamil Homeland with military power.
Recent political moves of India due to pressure from South Indian Tamils , over whelming support to Tamil National Alliance in local , and up rise Diaspora Tamil political movements with activists who wow to fight for the freedom of Tamils in Sri Lanka , has seen as new clouds surrounding the Sri Lankan war criminals regime. Sri Lanka monkey business of sharing the support cake between cats would not be possible for long time, as the nations will soon stay away from war criminals and if they feel that Tamil Eelam will rise. Once again self oriented political agenda of countries will be revised towards the winning party of the game. Tamils have to work harder to make the feel around the world that Tamil Eelam is going to rise , then every country will begin to race towards it to gain support of the new country who will be at key geographical point for Indo-Chino-American power struggle. To achieve this a democratic move from Diaspora Tamils , strong leadership in South India and strong support to TNA from local Tamils will be essential at this point of history.


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