Attack on Tamil Student Union Leader for organising a prayer for fallen – Horror in Sri Lanka!

Attack on Tamil Student Union Leader for organising a prayer for fallen – Horror in Sri Lanka!

Today , the Student Union President of Jaffna University president was attacked by Sri Lankan military near a military camp in the town, just few hours before the students organised candle vigil prayer for those killed in the 2009 ‘blood bath’. The General Secretary of University Student Union of Jaffna, Tharshananth is been beaten by iron batons, and admitted to ICU of local hospital fighting for life. Student union says attack happened in a land which is guarded by Sri Lankan military at each and every junction, with 35,000 troops monitoring the 300,000 Tamils living in the peninsula. The location was few meters from a military check post , which clearly states the state military men are behind the seen.

Tharsananth was riding a bicycle , in Kallatty area , a close to Science faculty , around morning 8.30 am and encountered by four armed men in balaclavas came in a vehicle and attacked him with sharp edged batons in an attempt to kill him. The road was full of people , in the morning rush hour, with military personnel watching the scene . Final year Arts Faculty student was later admitted in ICU of Jaffna Teaching Hospital soaked in blood. The attack believed to be pre-emptive attempt to threaten the students who organised a prayer event in the University premises to remember those killed in 2009 genocide of Tamils where Sri Lankan military massacred more than 40,000 Tamils in the final months.

Pic: Tharsananth been taken to hospital after the brutal attack by Sri Lankan military men

University Student Union vowed to continue the prayer with a huge presence of students who participated in candle prayer with tears , who remembered the loved ones who brutally killed in the genocide.

The prayer included speakers with professors and lectures who said nobody can take away the rights of Tamils to pray for those fallen Tamils soldiers and killed innocent Tamils until 2009. The student union official said it was very successful event which defies the threat from military and military intelligence officers who threatened the students in many ways including the assault on previous Student Union leader in last year and the latest attack on present Student Union leader.

Students also gathered outside the senate in a protest to safeguard the students from military aggression. The vice chancellor who was appointed by Sri Lankan war crimes alleged president , seems to be ignoring the security of students deliberately who was condemned by University staff. Jaffna University has a long standing history and played important role in Tamil struggle for rights but after 2009 , this is first time students have come out of fear to pray for the killed people. Local Tamils are been threatened not to pray for those but the one and only majority Tamil supported party , TNA , urged all Tamils to do a prayer in local temples and if the fear military then to hold the prayer at home.

Sri Lankan genocide of Tamils ,which was called as “blood Bath” by United Nations , has never been investigated even after 3 years. Chinese backed ruling regime to have committed the war crimes , still enjoying their power in the island but Tamil Diaspora is urging the world to act on Sri Lanka.

War might be over but the accountability of war crimes is not yet done.


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